University of Toledo Hosting Upcoming Global Trade Mission Program

Developing Young Minds for the Next Generation of Leaders and Talent

TROY, MICHIGAN, [July 15, 2022]  – International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM) headed to The University of Toledo to host a three-day program for area grade school children (K-5) who are interested in learning about the ever-changing business environments around the world.  This program is hosted by The Center of Hope Family Services, Inc., International Strategic Management, Inc. and Connecting Dots Globally, a non-profit that supports youth in STEM and Entrepreneurship in Global Settings.


“This is the future workforce,” said Faris Alami, Founder of ISM and Connecting Dots. “Global Trade Mission provides students with the opportunity to learn about issues in global trade, cultural diversity, entrepreneurship, and business, along with the latest technology tools. At GTM, we are developing the next generation of leaders and talent. We’re excited to challenge our youngest participants to date.”


Terrance Campbell, Executive Director of Connecting Dots Globally states, “The experiences that I acquired in K – 6th grade provided me with the grit to program in BASIC a crude version of “QUICKBOOKS” to help me manage my social enterprise from the 7th – 11th grade. Fast forwarding 35+ years, I’m a published Information Systems Security Professional that has the pleasure of working for the US Department of Commerce and the National CyberWATCH Center. Helping youth become tomorrow’s STEM professionals today requires us to give our youth safe places like GTM where they can fail forward, learn faster and step into their greatness the fastest.” 


Global Trade Mission (GTM) offers students a unique learning experience. The children will have the opportunity to think and produce results just like business professionals and acquire the skills necessary to respond to the realities of today’s world. To date, more than 5000 students have participated in the GTM and gained the tools, knowledge, and perspective to face the challenges required of our future leaders. Local business volunteers and sponsors share expert knowledge as well as international cultural insights to help students select their market and prepare an Executive Summary and Pitch Presentation.


Whether as a student or program administrator, if you are interested in bringing these programs to your area, please fill out this request.  Want to make a difference in student access to education and support ISM in offering more programs like these? Consider donating directly or adding Connecting Dots as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile.


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"At GTM, we are developing the next generation of leaders and talent. We’re excited to challenge our youngest participants to date.”

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