New Book, Power of 7, Provides Simplified Marketing Strategies

The story behind Faris Alami and his knowledge of marketing revealed in his new book!

TROY, MICHIGAN, [September 12, 2022]  – International Strategic Management Inc. Founder and CEO Faris Alami has announced a newly published book, The Power of 7 in Marketing: Getting Your Customers Engaged. Entrepreneurs know all too well about the ever-changing world of marketing and engaging your target audience. Faris’ new book simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and keeping your clients engaged with your products and services. 


This long awaited book, based on Faris’ extensive global knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and building businesses makes his insight invaluable. Neil Sheridan, Executive Director of Michigan Townships Association says, “He is a leader and a visionary. Not only does he understand the complex dynamics of business, more importantly, he understands the complex dynamics of people, the most important ingredient in the process.”


Faris Alami built his first successful business at age 18 and never looked back. Over the years of developing his own business and helping hundreds of others do the same, a pattern emerged and a vision was created. The Power of 7 is the culmination of the many individuals and businesses that have been impacted by Faris’s insights.  


“This book is designed to help you and your business understand the fundamental strategies of branding, advertising, and distribution to create a successful and profitable venture,” Faris says.  “I am so excited to share this with the world.”


ISM’s website has all the information on the new book. You can also find the Kindle version on Amazon. To stay up to date with Faris, follow him on LinkedIn and our website


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