ISMs Strengthened Ties at the World Expo in Dubai

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TROY, MICHIGAN, February 9, 2022 – With a theme of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” the Dubai World Expo connected 192 countries in the areas of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. ISM was thrilled to be part of the Michigan delegation, joining the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (the “MEDC”) in Dubai this past January.

“We are thankful to have been selected to be part of this delegation, and look forward to expanding our offerings in this region,” says CEO Faris Alami, “Entrepreneurship and small business development is alive and prosperous in the region’s communities.  We are honored to contribute to this journey.”

Supporting entrepreneurs, small business owners and the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region has become a focal point for many of these countries; and ISM has done extensive work on these topics.  We work globally on entrepreneurship and SME development that focuses on underserved, underrepresented and minority groups which has allowed us to create programs that can be utilized in a variety of settings all over the world and especially within the MENA region.

“The Gulf Country Council is a strategic opportunity for ISM which will allow us to continue setting up entrepreneurship activities in several of these countries,” continues Mr. Alami, “This visit to Dubai and the MENA region will allow ISM to strengthen the relationships we already have, and also position us to foster new relationships through the delegation led by MEDC and Automation Alley.”

David Newhouse, International Trade Development Manager for the MEDC stated “the economic development arm for our state has brought a delegation of nine companies on a Mobility and Innovation trade mission to the UAE.” Mr. Newhouse further stated “Each company has a schedule of individual meetings with potential partners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – companies involved with artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, electric commercial vehicles, aerospace, defense and healthcare.”

The Dubai World Expo runs through March 31, 2022. Learn more about the Expo and ticket information here.

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Entrepreneurship and small business development is alive and prosperous in the region’s communities. We are honored to contribute to this journey.

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