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The Resilient Entrepreneur Program© reaches four continents

TROY, MICHIGAN, June 30, 2021 – International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM) celebrates another international cohort of graduates from the Resilient Entrepreneur Program©, this time from Oman.  The Resilient Entrepreneur Program is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is designed to prepare leaders and entrepreneurs to sustain their business activities now and in the future. 

This custom-made program provides an overview of the Resilient Entrepreneur Canvas and also offers insights into its uses. The program discusses the eight components of the canvas and focuses on the four steps to keep your organization moving forward.  Participants learn to leverage the canvas to advance their business both during and post-crisis.

“It takes more than tactics to be resilient,” says ISM CEO, Faris Alami. “We’ve learned, over the last 20 years working with entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe, that there are four things you can do to stay resilient, and they are very simple. While these four steps seem to be something we all should do, it takes a Resilient Entrepreneur to make them happen.”

Mr. Alami believes that listening to and observing other entrepreneurs and leaders around the world allowed him to leverage the knowledge they shared with him – and now he wants to share it with other entrepreneurs.  This five-week course consists of weekly lessons comprised of structured educational material.  Participants receive coaching sessions from trained ISM Business Coaches, insights from leaders all around the world and access to an online curriculum with interactive videos that will include tools, skills, insights as well as active Q&A sessions. 

One participant in the Resilient Entrepreneur program was quoted saying, "This course has taught me to change my mindset and look for opportunities within my actual resources. By the end of the course, I was able to identify different opportunities for my business and applied them right away. Amazing insights!"

The Resilient Entrepreneur Course: Entrepreneurship and Leadership During Crisis, is offered at three tier levels; Beginner, Professional and Elite.  the program is a proven system that gets you the results you're after without any of the headaches! To learn more, or sign up for an upcoming course, please visit


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 About International Strategic Management

International Strategic Management (ISM), located in Troy, Michigan. ISM runs the youth “Global Trade Mission”, a global entrepreneurship program.  ISM is a global executive, leadership and entrepreneurial ecosystem development program, management consulting company, offering programs worldwide on leadership, entrepreneurship, management and cultural/diversity training for youth and executives as well as companies nationwide and internationally.  Working in over 60 countries and inspiring more than 8600 entrepreneurs, ISM has created a long-lasting impact on over 9600 SMEs around the globe.  Their expert team has designed and delivered thousands of training programs around the world.  Visit

About International Strategic Management

International Strategic Management, Inc. a leading U.S. advisory and capacity development provider within the economic development area covering: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development; SMEs Development, and Leadership Development Our areas of expertise are strategic economic growth, strategic partnership development, entrepreneur education and training, technology & commercialization, youth entrepreneurship, and talent & workforce development. We are based in Troy, Michigan, and we have a representation in Spain and Egypt. ISM brings a proven expertise and a wide range of international experience in providing world-class services to the government sector, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs at every stage of business. Our expert team has designed and delivered thousands of training programs. We work in over 60 countries, and created a long-lasting impact on SMEs around the globe. Our experience includes working with the World Bank, US Department of State, Kauffman Foundation, and many other local and global leading institutions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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