Global Ties 2022 National Meeting Sheds Light on International Exchange

ISM Founder/CEO Faris Alami speaks at the first in-person Global Ties National Meeting in 2 years

TROY, MICHIGAN, [May 20, 2022]  – International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM) Founder and CEO, Faris Alami, spoke at the first in-person Global Ties National Meeting since the pandemic. The focus of the meeting was Moving Exchange Forward, regarding the innovation, inspiration, and global connectivity that comes from international exchange programs. While virtual meetings have allowed connectivity to endure, the excitement of finally connecting with collaborators in-person created an unforgettable event that highlighted the importance of global connectivity necessary to tackle the many challenges we face today. 

Participants were welcomed by the U.S. Secretary Anthony Blinken. “When we team up with people tackling similar challenges in other parts of the world, we gain new tools, new insights, new perspectives,” he said. 

Faris Alami was elected 2022 Chair of Global Ties Detroit’s Board of Directors in January, ahead of the National Meeting, building momentum and excitement for the in-person event. Faris was joined by  panelists Ashley Holben, Program Specialist at Mobility International USA, and Jennifer Zhao, Executive Director at the International Center of the Capital Region,  to discuss Digital Storytelling: Beyond the Basics: shedding light on the importance of having an online presence in today’s entrepreneurial network. 

“The accessibility of networking today is much better than it’s ever been because of the digital world,” Faris says, suggesting that while face-to-face may be returning, online networking is here to stay. 

Find more information on Global Ties US here and more information on Detroit’s Global Ties here. To stay up to date with Faris, you can find information on current resources on the CEO Letter March 2022 and follow Faris Alami on LinkedIn and the ISM Website.  

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