Houston entrepreneur launches business coaching program to empower women of color

Selle Evans leverages her success in her new Masterly CEO service

2020 has been a good year for breaking the glass ceiling, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Although women now own 40% of all U.S. businesses and women of color are starting more businesses than anyone, most women-owned businesses generate no more than $100,000 per year. For serial entrepreneur Selle Evans of Houston, TX, that’s not nearly enough. Her new coaching program, Masterly CEO, is designed to help Women of Color Entrepreneurs overcome limitations and create their own successful enterprises.

When Evans started her first business, “I had never worked so hard in my life,” she says. “You learn quickly that though you’re working long days, most of those hours do not equate income.” During her years in corporate America, Evans observed that many women of color had little or no opportunity to move up the chain. Also, while white women make the infamous 79 cents for every dollar, black women make only 62 cents, and Latina women only 54 cents.

Clearly, something needed to change.

Evans realized that the best way to help women of color earn more was two-fold. First, they needed to save time on tedious tasks so they could invest more energy into building their business. To that end, Evans created Masterly Business Solutions, which offers automation and marketing tactics.

Second, they needed to “unlearn” the limitations society had imposed on them. Many WOC entrepreneurs perceive an inability to earn what their white male counterparts do. They often can’t access the business skills or mindset development training they need.

That’s why Evans created Masterly CEO as a blend of business training and career consultation — with a bit of life coaching in the mix. “In my dream world, I would sit down with every small business owner in the world that is wearing too many hats, that is overwhelmed with those low skilled tasks or by the lack of clarity in their business,” says Evans. “I want to sit down with them and help them define and improve their processes by looking at it step by step and mapping it all out.”

Indeed, Evans is all about the process. Both Masterly Business Solutions and Masterly CEO emphasize clarity, details, and automation to help free up valuable mental energy. With more time to plan and grow, WOC entrepreneurs can overcome the minor hurdles and start making greater strides in their careers.

After all, many women business owners are also responsible for homemaking and childcare. Evans is no exception. A proud mother of “two little superheroes,” she says, her family means everything to her. Masterly is designed to help women truly master their lives, from home to business, and ultimately smash the glass ceiling.

“It’s my mission to be a resource to small businesses all over the U.S.,” says Evans. “It is a great honor to see my clients achieve substantial growth in their businesses even amid a pandemic.”

To learn more about Masterly CEO or signup, visit MasterlyCEO.com.

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“It is a great honor to see my clients achieve substantial growth in their businesses even amid a pandemic.”

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