WalletPass™ by Insured Nomads gives digital ID access to all policyholders

A customer experience breakthrough for insureds with travel insurance and international health insurance plans with Apple and Google wallet compatible cards, brought to you by Insured Nomads.

Imagine being on a trip and never having to search through emails again for the policy purchase receipt to locate your policy number, or not having to login to the member portal to find out your policy number when you need to call customer support or the 24-hours medical assistance center. That day has arrived.

Novel for the international insurance segment, all Insured Nomads policies now have a digital member identification card. In an effort to utilize the common ways people organize life and information, we have launched WalletPass™, which provides all policyholders with a digital card that can be added to your phone to the iOS Apple Wallet and Android Google wallet. 

The introduction of WalletPass™ by Insured Nomads provides a way to share vital information with family, caregivers and providers. Policy information is instantly updated and notifications can be received. The card provides phone numbers and valuable links for easy access. There is no more searching through emails for the purchase confirmation while on a trip, no login needed before calling our 24/7 medical assistance or customer service - it's now accessible and easy.

Insured Nomads is building the first insurtech platform for global employee benefits and individual purchasing of internation health, travel, life and disability insurance for global citizens, the location independent workforce, those on international work assignment, remote workers and cross-cultural consultants, expats, and those pursuing a border free lifestyle. The growth trajectory of this new nomad is said to hit 1 billion people by 2030.

About Insured Nomads

Insured Nomads is the first insurtech in global benefits, offering a full portfolio of insurance solutions for the globally mobile including international health, life and disability, and travel insurance. Uniquely positioned with innovative technology to empower an easy and efficient customer experience. Serving clients around the world, with numerous customer service points, we operating a lean and agile enterprise with strategic partners around the globe. Available direct and through select brokers/intermediaries.
In this day of simplicity and mobile living, Insured Nomads is one of the only companies that has made it so easy to view your insurance information and contacts when you need it. WalletPass adds to their frictionless service methodology - putting the power of insurance back in your hands.

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