FYNXT Announces New Head of Sales

FYNXT, a global fintech firm offering digital solutions for Forex, Remittance, Wealth Management, and Multi-Asset Management, today announced that it has appointed Josh Yeo as Head of Sales.

Josh will lead FYNXT's global sales network in established financial centers around the world and strengthen the company’s long-term growth and financial performance. He will drive sales growth and brand expansion of FYNXT in the competitive global financial arena. A key part of his role will be evangelizing the Digital Transformation message among financial services companies across sectors and geographies.

“I am pleased to welcome Josh to our leadership team,” said Aeby Samuel, Chief Executive Officer. “We expect his rich experience in the financial marketplace, including working with Governments, Banks, Brokerages and Funds over the last 15 years, to be invaluable as we look to take FYNXT to the next level. His knowledge, background, and passion for tech-led innovation in the space make him a natural fit for FYNXT.”

Josh has 15 years of diverse experience in the financial services industry. Prior to FYNXT, he worked at multiple industry leaders such as Queensland Treasury Corporation, ANZ Bank, KCG, and Gain Capital. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) degree from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

“I am thrilled to join the talented team at FYNXT,” said Josh. “FYNXT has a unique vision for the digital transformation of the financial services sector. I have been keenly observing their progress over the last couple of years and have always been impressed by their clarity of vision and speed of execution. I think our sector is at an inflexion point globally when it comes to digital adoption, and I am confident that the innovative products and solutions of FYNXT are well poised to become industry standards.”

Josh will report to Aeby Samuel, Chief Executive Officer and serve on FYNXT’s Executive Committee.


FYNXT is a Singapore based global FinTech firm that provides enterprise digital products for forward-looking companies offering financial services. The company offers specific solutions for Forex, Remittance, Wealth Management, and Multi-Asset Management companies. The solutions, while being highly functional, deliver a modern, intuitive, and faster user experience whilst guaranteeing security, transparency, and compliance.

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