Draper Startup House Launches a Funding Platform

Helping startups raise capital, no matter the size.

Draper Startup House has had quite a year. 

After the exciting transition from Tribe Theory to Draper Startup House in late January, we have been busy trying to enable one million entrepreneurs around the globe. Through utilizing any one of our nine physical hostel locations internationally, it has allowed us to collaborate and partner with some amazing startups, conferences, and a wide-ranging group of investors to help execute our mission a little faster.

It's no secret that in this environment entrepreneurial hospitality looks a little different. As much as we've had to adapt to a new normal, the decision to partner with the Draper network has provided us an entirely new opportunity to connect entrepreneurs to their perfect investor match - helping bridge geography, as well as critical capital connections.

Draper Startup House is continuing to evolve online with the newly created Draper Startup House Ventures, where we match qualified startups with investors from around the world, not limited to the Draper Venture Network. 

What is Draper Startup House Ventures? 

DSH Ventures is a global syndicate created for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs receive better access to funding. It provides an opportunity to submit pitch decks to the Draper Venture Network, which has 23 global funds. It additionally allows startups to raise capital beyond geographical borders through our worldwide network.

Why are we doing this?

Pre COVID-19, 46% of our guests at a Draper Startup House were seeking investment where we facilitated a number of successful introductions to investors. To continue this mission, we need your help as a valued member of the ecosystem by helping to spread the word. 

When is this going live?

Now! We have already onboarded investment-ready startups from different sectors, geographies, and stages.   

How can I learn more?

Our Ventures page contains answers to basic questions. If you have additional questions, you or your contacts can book a 15-minute slot with one of our ventures leads for more information.  

This is great! We know startups & investors that we want to recommend to the platform.

Please start by asking them to submit their information on our platform, it takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Thank you for supporting us as we aim to help every single entrepreneur and every single startup.

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