Singapore's up and coming Red-Eyed Space Toads NFT lauching on 31 October, supported by Xavier Marzan, CEO of f(dev), Corporate Venture of Filinvest Development Corporation

Red-Eyed Space Toads is a bespoke hand-drawn collectible showcasing local design and tech talent

REST has launched its first NFT (non-fungible token) project, ushering in a new wave of collectibles and community. It is a bespoke hand-drawn collectible of the last humanoid reptiles remnants from Terra (launching on the Terra chain).

With an innovative roadmap that incorporates a unique evolution as its white-list, it aims to add in “free and fair” mechanics that democratizes the terra chain for all out there, and onboard more people into NFTs. 

With the tadpole mint on 31 October 9pm +8 GMT, all have a chance to connect their terra wallets and mint up to 5 tadpoles for free, limited to 10,000 tadpoles. 

These tadpoles can then be evolved into toads for 0.1 Luna at a 33% chance on 4 November 2021, up to a cap of 2,000 toads. This is essentially a whitelist, and those who join in the tadpole mint will be able to get exclusive access to the Space Toad Swamp Community as well.

Our public launch of the toads will be on 6 November 2021 minted at 1 Luna, capped at 4,900 toads.

Crystal Cheng, Co-Founder of REST said: “The past few months have been crazy and we have built this smart contract that allows us to showcase the local design and tech talent we have from REST NFTs.” 

The team consists of serial entrepreneurs who have built brands and communities. Crystal Cheng has founded several startups, as the Co-Founder at Edens, a healthy snack company, with experience at RedMart, Grab and Shopee. Benjamin Wong is the Co-Founder of Kinobi, a jobtech startup, and started The Mentoring Circle and Atomos Watch Club. Amanda Ong, our creative lead and designer, is a Creative Lead at Edens and was a marketing executive at Ferrari, and also designed for Swatch, Skechers, G-Shock and Guinness. Finally, Derrick Goh heads up the front-end development, with experience as a software engineer from J.P. Morgan. 

We are also well supported by a group of advisors and investors in the crypto scene, such as Edison, Co-founder & CEO of Suberra, a payment infrastructure for Web 3.0, and has helped to launch Ziliqa’s mainnet since 2018; Sharon Lourdes Paul, Head of Payments for Xfers; and Xavier Marzan who’s the CEO/MD of f(dev), a corporate venture builder tied to the Filinvest Development Corporation. 

Going forward, collectors of REST can expect to trade secondaries on marketplaces and a whole new community and gamefi experience backed by its own DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) called the REST League games platform. 


About REST:

REST is a NFT (non-fungible token) and blockchain company that believes in creating superheroes out of all of us. It started out with the mint launch of 6,969 of its Red Eyed Space Toads in November 2021, a bespoke hand-drawn collectible of the last humanoid reptiles remnants on the Terra chain. We constantly seek keepers to grow our army, join us. Red Eyed Space Toads (


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