10,000 REST Tadpole NFT was fully minted in 17 minutes since launch. Next drop is happening on 6 November. 

First Mint Launch of 10,000 Tadpoles by Singapore team NFT founded Red-Eyed Space Toads Were Fully Minted in 17 Minutes Since Launch

REST also known as Red-Eyed Space Toads first mint launch of 10,000 tadpoles were fully minted in 17 minutes since its launch at 31 Oct 9pm +8 GMT. 

Several of those who have minted or follow us have this to say:

@Aldasoro_Zeta: “@RESToads_NFT 2 AM in the morning of a Sunday, before going to work, what should I do?? Hmm?🤔 Sleep to be rested for work? 😴 Nah, let's get some Tadpoles!! 😍😍😍”

The next stage for these tadpoles is to evolve them into toads, in a mint process on our website, at 0.1 Luna. Each tadpole has a 33% chance of evolving into a toad, capped at 2,000 toads. 

This evolution will occur on 4 November 2021 9pm +8 GMT. 

For those who missed out on our tadpole mint launch, this is not the end. Our next drop is happening on 6 November 2021, 9pm +8 GMT. In this drop, 4,900 toads will be launched to the public at 1 Luna each. Instead of having to evolve the tadpole, the public can instantly mint a fully evolved toad. 


About REST:

REST is a NFT (non-fungible token) and blockchain company that believes in creating superheroes out of all of us. It started out with the mint launch of 6,969 of its Red Eyed Space Toads in November 2021, a bespoke hand-drawn collectible of the last humanoid reptiles remnants on the Terra chain. We constantly seek keepers to grow our army, join us. Red Eyed Space Toads


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@fore94: “I believe a game is on the roadmap, can't believe I missed that mint”

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